Meet the Team

Karla Driscoll

My main aim was to create a Bridal Boutique which was full of warmth, inspiration and carried a range of high end, refreshing and modern wedding dresses. My passion for bridal fashion and all things bridal started when I created and managed my own wedding and event planning company 10 years ago. I adored creating the perfect day for brides and their families, it was addictive. 

Being involved in all aspects of the bridal journey from start to finish, I started to develop a wealth of experience and knowledge on all things bridal. I found I was mostly being drawn to bridal fashion itself and finally opened Cheshire Bridal Boutique. I absolutely love deciding on the designers that the boutique will carry and going on the buying events to search out and purchase the most sought after dresses for you, our Brides, from the new collections

I am extremely passionate about bridal fashion, I simply love being around anything bridal and I want the bridal shopping experience at Cheshire Bridal Boutique to be memorable, enjoyable and relaxing while my brides find their dream gown. 

Becky Cottage

Becky is our social media guru and one of our Senior Bridal Consultants. Becky is THE most friendly person I have met and all our brides fall in love with Becky at their appointment. Having worked as a Bridal Consultant for a number of years Becky is a key member of the team at Cheshire Bridal Boutique.

As well as running appointments Becky works on our social media letting all our gorgeous brides know our latest news and updates through her posts.

Lottie O Byrne

Lottie is an experienced Bridal Stylist and Fashion student at Salford University.

Lottie is an exceptional seamstress having made her own designs that were shown on New York fashion week, yes that’s NEW YORK fashion week, not to mention she is an experienced and knowledgeable bridal stylist.

Lottie has brought with her a fresh edge to Cheshire Bridal Boutique with her high fashion ideas and flare she is a great sounding board for the fashion forward bride with unique ideas for her wedding gown.

Andrea Hale

Andrea is one of our experienced Bridal Stylists. Living in Tarporley, Andrea was keen to work with us at Cheshire Bridal Boutique having an interest in the bridal industry and in particular Bridal Fashion. Andrea is quite simply lovely, she makes all our brides feel at ease with her friendliness and warmth and we just love her energy. Andrea also runs her own business Andrea Hale Beauty providing 100% natural skincare which our Brides just love. 

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