When you walk into Cheshire Bridal Boutique you will receive a warm and friendly welcome. We have a fantastic relationship with every one of our Brides whom all become friends throughout the Bridal Journey. We encourage this and we love this! Finding your dream wedding dress brings out so many emotions, it can be overwhelming, exciting, euphoric and many more so its not surprising that we develop a close bond of friendship with our Brides.

                The bridal appointment is a process, it is a journey, and it is solely about YOU and finding out what YOU want from a wedding dress. We want you to chill, relax and tell us all about your wedding and your thoughts and visions, to find out what you are looking for in a wedding dress so we can best advise you.

                During your bridal appointment you will try on a variety of gowns, in fact we strongly encourage it, the more the better! We want you to feel like you have made the right decision when you have chosen your wedding dress and have made a fully informed decision. We do not want you to leave feeling ‘what if I had tried that style or that fit’.

               When you have selected a variety of wedding dresses to try on you will go through to the changing room where one of our bridal stylists will help you into the dress. All of our wedding dresses are a variety of sizes so not all of the sample dresses will fit you, our bridal stylists will be on hand to help pin you into the dress so you can see the best fit of the dress.

             Once you are wearing the wedding dress you can walk out and whirl and twirl in our lovely big gold mirror! At this stage you will have your friends, family or us to give feedback. The best advice we can give here is to be brutally honest. If you do not like the dress that is ok, let’s have a look why and what you don’t like and let’s try again, let’s do better. Do not be afraid to say what you really feel and how you really feel. This is part of the process, the journey. Sometimes it is the first dress you put on that turns out to be the one, sometimes it is the last dress or at the second appointment. What matters is that you feel your best self in the wedding dress.

             If you find ‘the One’ at your appointment with us, we will celebrate with a bottle of bubbly while you hang around in your dress for a while, as you will most likely not want to take it off! When you are ready, we will take your measurements and discuss which size we feel would be the best for you. We will then fill out the paperwork to order your dress and take a 50% deposit to secure your order. We will then discuss approximate delivery dates with you and when we will likely be touch moving forward.

               If you are torn between a few different dresses or want a family member or friend to see you in the dress before you make up your mind we will book you in for a second appointment which allows you to have some time to thing about things, have a look at the photos and get that further opinion.


Most wedding dresses will require some alterations even just a little nip and tuck. We work closely with all our independent seamstresses so that your wedding dress is an impeccable fit.

           All our seamstresses will be able to assist with your alterations or provide any bespoke alterations that you may want to your wedding dress. Once your gown has arrived we will provide you with a list of seamstresses for you to liaise with at your convenience.


We will always try our upmost to accommodate you. If you are struggling to get time to attend an appointment and do require an out of hours appointment, we will try to accommodate you but we will require a deposit of £30.00 which is fully refundable off the purchase of your bridal gown.
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